Terms & Conditions

Products & Product Descriptions
All of the products listed on the website are described as accurately as possible. All weights, volumes, and product packaging are subject to manufacturer specifications and can change without notice. Whilst we strive to keep our product list updated, there may be times when a product weight, volume or packaging changes without our knowledge. In the case of a customer order where a product has changed we will inform the customer prior to preparation for shipping and either offer a reduction in price, increase in price, offer a replacement or cancel the item from the order. In the case of a cancelled item a full refund will be given for that item. For full details of any product you may visit the manufacturer website.

Product Alternatives
Occasionally a product that is listed on the website will be either out of stock or withdrawn from production by the manufacturer. We have a policy whereby we never automatically substitute a similar item. In these cases the customer will be contacted and offered an alternative product. Should the customer decline the offer then a full refund will be given for that item.

It is the customers responsibility to check the items ordered are actually what they require before completing the checkout. In the case of a misordered item British Online Goodies will not replace nor accept the return or that item. We will not offer refunds for misordered items.
In rare cases where the wrongly supplied item was our error, then we will offer a replacement at our cost or offer a refund for that item. In this case the items are not to be returned even after a replacement or refund has been made as food items cannot be reintroduced into stock, and therefore that item would be disposed of by the customer.

Damaged Packages
We have been packing and shipping groceries for many years and even though we pack securely it is inevitable that sometimes a package will arrive damaged. In the case of a damaged shipment arriving to you it is important that you follow these steps to obtain a replacement or refund. Please note these rules are put in place by the carriers and we are bound by their terms and conditions, as you are by accepting our terms and conditions.
            1. You MUST sign for a damaged package as "DAMAGED" when the courier arrives.
            2. If possible take a photograph of the damaged package
            3. Contact us with the details and if a photograph is available attach that to your email
If you do not take action number 1, then we will not be able to make a claim against the carrier and therefore not be able to offer a refund or replacement. It is you absolute responsibility to check for signs of damage before signing for delivery of the package. Any claims that have not observed rule 1 will not be eligible for refunds or replacements.

Shipping & Carriers
We use Parcelforce, Fedex, DHL and UPS for all international deliveries and for the UK we use UK Mail. All of these carriers offer full tracking facilities which allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment. British Online Goodies are bound by the carriers terms and conditions of carriage and as a customer of ours, you are also bound by their terms.
Parcelforce have agreed a flat rate for parcels weighing up to 30kg. For smaller parcels the other carriers charge by the kilo. However do not worry about which one to choose as you will always be presented with the cheapest option at checkout.
For any deliveries that are addressed wrongly because of a customer mistake, and returned to us by the carrier, there will be no refund for neither the shipping nor the goods. Food products are not allowed back into stock due to health and safety issues. If the package was wrongly addressed because of a customer mistake, we will resend the package providing the customer pays for the additional shipping. If the mistake was our fault then we will resend at our cost.

Delivery Times
From receipt of your order we aim to pick, pack and ship your order within 3 to 7 days. In some cases, perhaps waiting for a less popular product to become available, or indeed a very popular product to become available, this timescale could be longer. In these cases we would contact the customer to inform them of any delay and the reason. In the case of a product not being available due to manufacturer production issues, we will contact you to offer an alternative or offer a refund for that item.
British Online Goodies have no control over our carriers operations and therefore hereby exclude liability for any shipping issues delays due to acts of God, terrorism, strikes, industrial action, and any other shipping delay that is not in our control.

Privacy & Security
The website uses cookies to control things such as shopping carts and favourite pages. You may disable cookies in your browser under its relevant options/privacy settings. Should you choose to disable cookies then there are certain elements of the website that will not be available and you will not be able to shop for items correctly.
All information that we collect from our customers including name, address, telephone number and email address, are stored securely on our server. We will never sell nor divulge any of your information to a third party with the exception of a lawful request from an official body such as customs, tax office or police.
We do not store any credit/debit card details on our server. The entire payment part of the checkout process is handled by PayPal on their servers. We do not accept any other form of payment such as cheque, bank wire or services such as western union. However we reserve the right to add other payment processors as and when we feel the need to.

Customs Clearance
In some countries there are restrictions or bans on general food product imports or specific food product imports. The restriction may be either a total ban of food imports, the need for an import licence, or a limit on the quantity of a certain food item for import. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check with their relevant customs control department to ensure the products they are ordering are allowed for importation into their respective country. For any products that are seized, confiscated or destroyed by your border control officers there will be no refund. Similarly if your country impose any import duty or other taxes, these charges are your sole responsibility. Failure to pay import duty could result in the goods being destroyed or returned to sender. There will be no refund for any goods that fail to arrive due to customs clearance issues. Products returned to sender by your border control will be destroyed as we are not allowed to put food products back into stock.

General Terms
All product descriptions displayed on our website are taken directly from the individual manufacturer websites. Any customers with special dietary needs or food allergies are advised to consult the manufacturer website for full product information.

Go Shopping.... What are you waiting for..
Although the above terms and conditions may seem long winded we have to cover all aspects of our customers shopping experience. Now you have read through them go and browse our store and buy some goodies!!

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